Subject: glass butterfly
Location: Costa Rica Tortuguero
August 8, 2014 1:44 am
can you help us with naming a glass butterfly, seen in Tortuguero Costa Rica, march 2014
Signature: fredfrombelgium

Clearwing:  Greta species

Clearwing: Greta species

Dear Fred from Belgium,
We located the Monteverde Natural History site that has a marvelous Guide to Clearwing Butterflies.  We believe your individual is in the genus
Greta, most likely Greta anette or Greta nero.  Since the former is listed as common and the latter as uncommon, we would have to favor Greta annette which is also pictured on Butterflies of America where a second “n” is included in the name.  Other internet sites spell the species name with the second “n” as Greta annette, so we are assuming that is the proper spelling.  Since we are quite busy right now, if we do not respond to your other outstanding requests, please resubmit them in a few days.

Location: Tortuguero, Costa Rica

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