Very interesting bug I found
May 27, 2010
Hi there. I am writing from Oswego, NY which is straight north of Syracuse, NY on Lake Ontario. I am often outside taking pictures of various bugs, plants, flowers and anything cool I can find in the swamps and woods. Most of what I find is rather common….Until I found this little guy. It was about a cm wide. It has clear panels all around its shell. It has a hard shell and which is split down the middle and opens up like a beetle and has wings underneath. It also has small little antennas. So I definitely think it’s a type of beetle but no one I know has any idea what it is or has seen anything like it.
My mom often writes into your site and mentioned that I should show you the pictures. She is in the woods all the time as she does wild edible and Mycology walks and this one was new to her also. Curious to know if anyone has an idea what this cool little guy is. My mom mentioned it could be perhaps a young beetle of some type, not fully grown yet, as they can often look so different between growing stages.
Thanks so much for any information.
Oswego, New York

Clavate Tortoise Beetle

Dear TJ,
It truly warms our heart to hear that What’s That Bug? is bringing family generations together through an understanding of the natural sciences.  This is a Clavate Tortoise Beetle, Plagiometriona clavata, a species that is found over much of North America.  Both adults and the green spiny larvae feed on solanaceous plants in the tomato family, including jimsonweed and nightshade.
Daniel thanks so much for the quick response.  I have been a reader of the site for awhile and was well aware of how busy you are.  My mom is a huge inspiration for me.  I am 32 and am a single mom of 2 children.  She taught me growing up the beauty that is nature and I grew up in the woods. I recently bought a great camera and have been having a blast capturing all I can of it.  I have taken tons of pictures of bugs so far (I just learned how to use my macro lenses before I took the pic of my little Tortoise Beetle).  This was the only one that stumped me.  If I come across anything else I will be sure to send it your way.  I even found a Caddisfly larvae and my mom IDed it from your site.  I was going to send that in.  He made coolest construction of twigs.  I even took video of it I was so intregued LOL.
Well again thank you for answering my question.  I registered for the site as TJOswego and you can bet I will be back and sending others your way.  Oh yeah my Moms name is Nancy Kaiser.  She said she has written in.  She actually lives in Mexico, NY.  We are huge fans of your very cool page 🙂  Have a great weekend!!!

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