Subject: Never seen before
Location: Central maine USA
June 28, 2014 8:04 pm
Found this on sons water bottle at the golf course.
Signature: sean

Clavate Tortoise Beetle

Clavate Tortoise Beetle

Dear Sean,
Both adults and larvae of the Clavate Tortoise Beetle,
Plagiometriona clavata, feed upon the leaves of plants in the family Solanaceae which includes many commonly cultivated garden plants like tomatoes, peppers and eggplant.

Location: Maine

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  1. Marie Kamjpbell says:

    I saw what I thought was a small turtle in the grass when I returned from getting my camera he was in the process of burrowing down under a porch. I wanted a better look at it and I flipped it on it’s back, it looked more like a beetle. The top was brown & shaped an oval round as a turtle would be. I did not touch the shell but it looked hard and even had damage around the base of it like turtles get from fighting etc. If you go to my facebook page you can view the pictures of it. When I turned it back over it began to disappear into the dirt, it was well camoflaged, looked like a small rock. The next day I looked in the same area that it disappeared and found the earth very soft.
    I live in the Navasota Texas area.
    Marie Kampbell

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