Citrus Root Weevil

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September 5, 2009
This bug was chewing on a Zanthoxylum flavum in Bahia Honda SP.
Bahia Honda Key, Florida Keys

Citrus Root Weevil
Citrus Root Weevil

Dear Susan,
WE believe this is one of the Citrus Root Weevils in the genus Pachnaeus.  There are two species indicated on BugGuide
, the Blue-green Citrus Root Weevil, Pachnaeus litus, and the Northern Citrus Root Weevil, Pachnaeus opalus.  We don’t believe we can distinguish which species you have.  BugGuide does not provide any information on the food preferences nor the life cycles of these Citrus Root Weevils.  Apparently both species are native, but citrus is not native, so it is entirely possible that your Zanthoxylum flavum or West Indian Satinwood is a native host.  The larvae of the Citrus Root Weevils feed on the tree roots, but adults generally feed on leaves as your photo indicates.  We located a pdf online entitled Pachnaeus Root Weevils in Peach at Gainesville by W.B. Sherman that may have information you find helpful.  Other information we found indicates that this native species is never plentiful enough to cause significant damage.

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