Cimbex Sawfly

what is it?
WHAT IS THIS???!!!….I heard a buzzing in the trees and found this bug. It was so big and lethargic that it could not fly. I would say it was at least 2 inches long. It moved very slowly and it looked like it was dying. When it was still on the leaf it’s whole body would expand and contract..very yucky..I live in BC Canada..this is the second time I have seen a bug like this in my yard. I did a search on wasps and flys, but I couldn’t find anything that resembled this. Hope you can help!!

Hi Jen,
We consulted with Eric Eaton to try to get a species name for you, but he arrived at the same generalization we did. This is a Cimbex Sawfly. These are non-stinging relatives of wasps. The larva feed on the leaves of trees, especially willow. Sawflies can be recognized by their club-shaped antennae.

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