Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin
May 28, 2011 9:40 pm
Hello! I was digging a garden, and about 8 inches underground I found this guy. He is about the size of a nickel (U.S.). I have been searching to try to figure out what he is, but no luck yet!! Thank you!!
Signature: Stacy

Cicada Nymph

Oh yeah, some more info on the bug that I found. He seems to lay on his back a lot. When we took him out, it seemed like he didn’t know how to walk. After about half an hour, he slowly started to walk backwards. He has underdeveloped wings, and his eyes have tiny, tiny black spots in them–like pupils (sometimes I feel like he’s looking at me). Right now he is laying on his back, using his legs to move around the jar. There was no other insects around the spot where I dug him up, or eggs or anything of the sort. He was just there all alone. I hope some of this helps!! Thank you again!!!
Stacy Belanger

Cicada Nymph

Hi Stacy,
This is an immature Cicada.  Cicada Nymphs live underground and feed off of fluids in plant roots.  They are clumsy above ground.  Upon nearing completion of their lengthy underground existence, they burrow to the surface and metamorphose into winged adults.  We often get photos of the shed skins or exuvia, but we rarely get photos of living nymphs that have been unearthed.

Location: Wisconsin

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