Brood XIX Cicada Nymph

Is this Locust Pupa
Location: West Central Illinios
May 12, 2011 2:36 pm
I have some leaves composting in my front yard , Flipped the bag and these I think Locust Pupa ?? Not Sure??
Signature: Teresa

Cicada Nymph

Dear Teresa,
Only insects with complete metamorphosis have a pupa, and Cicadas have an incomplete metamorphosis.  The life cycle of a Cicada includes a period of time underground as a growing nymph.  In the case of the Periodical Cicada, the period of time underground may reach 13 or 17 years, hence the common name 17 Year Locust.  This is a Cicada Nymph, and it is likely about to transform into an adult, which is why it is on the surface.  We just posted a photo of a Brown Thrasher feeding on a Cicada Nymph, though the angle of the prey in that photo made identification somewhat difficult.  Your photo shows the immature Cicada quite nicely.  Since your photo has come quite early in the year, and since Brood XIX is about to emerge in Illinois, we suspect this is an immature 13 Year Cicada from Brood XIX.  Periodical Cicadas appear earlier in the year than Annual Cicadas which generally emerge in July and August.

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