Cicada Nymph

Crab claws?
This appeared in my garden today, I was turning over and weeding my vegetable beds so I think that perhaps it is an over-wintering larvae of some sort, strangest thing I have ever seen (and that is something for my garden)…. help, please?

Hi Dawn,
We get many photos of adult Cicadas with wings, and many photos of the exoskeleton after the final molt when the nymphs dig their way to the surface, split their skins and fly away, but we rarely get photos of the underground dwelling Nymphs. Cicada Nymphs live underground feeding on the sap of roots, usually trees. Some stay underground as long as 17 years like the Periodical Cicada or 17 Year Locust. Thanks for sending in your wonderful image.

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  1. Hi! Just have to say thank you for a great website! I’ve spent the last week trying to identify an insect that I had never seen before! It was truly, strange and after I had it for two days, it suddenly morphed!! So,now I had this even stranger, winged insect! It came out very white, but darkened up fairly quickly. Needless to say, it was a cicada nymph that morphed into an adult! I never would have dreamed that these would live where I do. That being in Brownsville, CA. The elevation is about 2200-2300 feet in the Sierra Nevadas an hour and a half north of Sacramento. I’d be interested to know if it’s common for them to be in this area. Any help is appreciated!
    Thank you!


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