Cicada Nymph

Bug (obviously).
Hello, we moved up to Auburn, CA last year and you’ve been a big help in identifying a bunch of bugs we’ve never seen before (being city folk). What I keep seeing is carcases stuck to the house, and until today I never saw what came out of them. This morning I found this cool green bug crawling down the side of the house and thought I’d ask what it was. Don’t know if you can see in the picture but it has pinchers on its front two legs. Thanks for all the help.
Jeff and Leah

Hi Jeff and Leah,
This is a Cicada Nymph. It lives underground where it feeds on the sap from tree and shrub roots. When it is ready to metamorphose into a winged adult, it climbs to the surface, splits its skin and emerges as a winged adult. You find the shed exoskeletons from the final molt. Sorry, we cannot give you a species name.

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