Cicada Nymph

Subject: What is this bug?
Location: Mi
August 7, 2017 5:49 pm
Can you please tell me what this bug is?
Signature: K

Cicada Nymph

Dear K,
This Cicada Nymph has been living underground for several years, and now that it is approaching maturity, it has dug to the surface and it will molt for a final time, flying away as a winged adultĀ  Annual Cicada, sometimes called a Dog Day Harvestfly.

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  1. my sister in law lives in London ONT Canada, she has found around 5 in her yard what do they do besides noise do they damage property or trees? what is their purpose can u please post a article on face book in Canada

    • Cicadas are an important link to the food chain as they provide food for a variety of creatures, including other insect, birds and mammals.


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