Cicada Metamorphosis and Assassin Bug

Subject: Thought you might enjoy hangin out w/ this guy 😉
Location: Cahokia, IL
August 27, 2016 10:32 pm
Caught this little guy comin out of his shell. Looks like he’s already found a friend to hang with.
Signature: Jokerswylde

Annual Cicada Metamorphosis with Assassin Bug Observer
Annual Cicada Metamorphosis with Assassin Bug Observer

Dear Jokerswylde,
Thanks for sending us your image of the metamorphosis of an Annual Cicada.  The observer is a predatory Assassin Bug.  Even though insects are especially vulnerable during and immediately after metamorphosis, we don’t believe there is any threat from the Assassin Bug which would normally prey upon smaller creatures.  Interestingly, both the Cicada and the Assassin Bug are classified together in the same insect order Hemiptera.

So this Cicada has a hired Assassin (Bug) for a bodyguard? lol Funnily enough, I was so focused on the Cicada that I didn’t even notice the other little guy when I first took the picture. & when I looked at the picture later, to post it, I thought it was just a common green grasshopper.

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