Cicada Metamorphosis

Subject: Strange Bug
Location: Western North Carolina
June 25, 2015 9:12 pm
I stepped outside my home and found this incredible looking insect clinging to one of the porch columns. The photographs aren’t great but it really threw me off because its appears to be a brown beetle-looking bug but with a very disproportionate green protrusion arching out of its back. The green part looked like its very own bug as nothing about its aloe plant-like body matched the brown bug it was coming out of but I’m almost positive its just one insect. The green part even had very convincing yet almost comically big yellow eyes that I imagine are part of an overall camouflage defense mechanism but its so freakish its like when parasitoid fungi bloom out of insects in the forest. All this aside, what bug is this? I couldn’t find any pictures in a couple nc entomological databases that I searched. I live in Lincoln county North Carolina. I hope you can shed some light on this, many thanks.
Signature: JD

Cicada Metamorphosis
Cicada Metamorphosis

Dear JD,
You are quite lucky to have witnessed the metamorphosis of a Cicada.  The Cicada has been living underground as a wingless nymph and now that it has shed its nymphal exoskeleton, the adult Cicada will fly away once its wings have expanded and hardened.

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