Cicada Metamorphosis

I had sent you this photo on 8-2-2005 and am sending it again now (8-5-2005). Is it not good enough to put on your site? Please reply to Michael Blevins
(08/02/2005) I took this picture early morning June 6,2005 at my home in Sotsylvania county Virginia. The subject was on the front tire of my 1969 Volkswagen "Bug." How strange is that ? I suppose this little guy or girl was drying it’s wings after emerging from it’s shell. I call this photo "Extrovert" as in coming out of your shell. I had seen hundreds of cicadas and shells over the years but had never seen them together. Your site is a gem. I found it as a link from an Earthlink newsletter I get. Keep up the good work !!!
Mike Blevins.

Hi Mike,
The reality of the situation is that we did like your photo and did plan to post it. On a busy day, we might get 100 letters. It takes us about an hour to post four letters. We cannot post nor respond to every letter. We are not getting paid to run this site. It is something we enjoy doing in addition to our fulltime job, home chores, daily routines and various and other sundry pleasures and obligations. Mom is currently on her yearly visit and arrived the day your letter did, which is limiting our online time allotment. In the general scheme of things, waiting four days for a response is not out of the ordinary. In these days of virtual mail, instant gratification has become an expectation instead of a pleasure. We apologize for any inconvenience our tardiness has caused you. We have taken the liberty of removing your image from the frame you provided as it did not agree with our site’s aesthetic. We also changed the orientation of your image to maximize its size. If that is a problem let us know and we will remove the image. Have a nice day.
P.S. Your cicada is an Annual Cicada in the genus Tibicen. The Periodical Cicadas, Magicicada species, must wait 17 years underground for maturity.

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