Cicada Killers Mating and Nesting

Cicada Killer Photos
I saw these Cicada Killers and had no idea what they were… Being curious, I got online, found your site, and learned lots of stuff! I would have killed these things for sure had I not found your site and others telling me not to worry, they won’t sting. Anyway, its mating season, and these two seem to be stuck together. I saw the male try to fly off, and he couldn’t! She was holding him down, even though his body was completely airborne! I had a pic of that, but it was too blurry. I don’t know how to take good action shots. Thought you might be able to use these pictures. Some mating, and some of the burrows in my kids’ sandbox. Too bad they can’t play in it for a couple more weeks. Thanks for your site.

Hi Chad,
Your letter makes us happy for several reasons. First, we like hearing that you took the time to research before acting upon any extermination instincts. Second, your submission is a wonderful counterpoint to the recent Cicada Killer carnage image we posted, and third, we are thrilled to hear we were helpful. We are not certain how successful this second male is going to be with regards to perpetuating his gene line, but we are impressed with his efforts. These Cicada Killers are lucky to have moved to such a tolerant location.

(08/09/2008) To Chad with Cicada Killers in kids sand box…
correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t cicada killer larva pupate in the chambers where they feed? If so, Chad’s kids may be without their sandbox for more than a few weeks. It would be next July before the cicada killer adults hatch out and start looking for cicadas of their own. Could he dig up the pupa and bury them in other loose soil nearby? Just wondering!
Liz Wickard, CHI
Interpretive Naturalist
City of Aurora/Parks and Open Space
Morrison Nature Center
Aurora CO

Hi Liz,
Your bring up a very good point. Relocating the Cicada Killer pupae would most likely be detrimental to their lives.

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