Subject: Cicada killers
Location: Warren County, New York
July 26, 2012 6:31 pm
Dear Bugman,
I thought your audience might enjoy these two cicada killer photos taken on July 18th, 2012, a very warm day in northern New York. It was over 90 degrees. One lucky shot is of a female with a cicada beneath her, just seconds before she rapidly dragged it down her burrow, which can be seen behind her, beneath her left wing. An extensive patch of sandy soil had several cicada killers patrolling it, including the male, also seen here, perched on a twig, less than an inch above the ground, by the entrance to another burrow. He flew off of the perch, a few yards or so, numerous times, only to return to the exact spot, apparently guarding his territory. The insect’s behavior was very much like that of a breeding male songbird, and I found it to be fascinating. It took me awhile to get within close enough distance to photograph him with a macro lens, but patience paid off.
Your truly,
Gerry Lemmo
Queensbury, NY
Signature: www.Gerry

Cicada Killer with Prey

Hi Gerry,
Thank you for sending us your photos and also much thanks for the detailed description of the events.  We are pleased to post your photos that show Cicada Killers under favorable conditions since we receive so many examples of Unnecessary Carnage of this magnificent wasp.

Male Cicada Killer


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Location: New York

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