Cicada Killer with Prey

Spiders, Cicada Killers, Oh My!
First, thank you so much for your site. It’s helped me several times and is a great reference for my bug enthusiast 7-year-old. I’ve got four pictures for you. First two are of a spider that was on my gutter above the garage and had spun silk across the driveway to a tree branch 10 feet away. I accidentally walked through the silk and disturbed her. I can’t identify her. She was in shade and kept balling herself up so these were hard shots to get. Hopefully they can be of use to identify. When her legs were open I’d say she could straddle a quarter and we live just outside Atlanta, GA. The second two shots were of a cicada killer wasp we saw this evening. Thanks to your site we were able to identify these beauties earlier in the summer and knew not to be afraid. We were even able to educate our neighbors on them this evening and capture two shots of the female carrying the cicada down her burrow. Thought you might find the shots of interest. Thanks for your time and even if you don’t have time to identify our spider; I hope you enjoy the images. We really appreciate your site. Keep up the good work!
Resa in Duluth, GA

Hi Resa,
We are nearly certain your spider is one of the Araneus Orbweavers, though several other genera are similar. What we are really excited about is your photo of a female Cicada Killer disappearing headfirst into her burrow with a Cicada for her progeny.

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