Cicada Killer with prey

Cicada Killer
My wife and I enjoy your site. We live in Baton Rouge, LA and our garden has a diverse range of hymenopterans. This past summer we had a large emergence of cicadas and my wife took this photo of a cicada killer on our patio door. The size of these wasps is truly impressive. We also have velvet ants that hang out near one of our pecan trees (photo attached).
Regards – Mark & Malinda

Hi Mark and Malinda,
We are always happy to get good quality images of interesting subjects to add to our website. Yours is the only photo we have ever received of the Cicada Killer with its prey. Thank you so much.

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  1. This is the first time I have ever managed to catch one in action, so glad I had my phone with me and was able to get close enough to get a decent picture! I stood and observed her for a few minutes, it was very cool to watch her laying her eggs. After about 3 minutes, she dropped her prey and flew off. I was careful to keep my daughter and the cats away so she could have the time to come back and retrieve her incubator and drag it to the nest!

    My youngest daughter has Autism, and is as fascinated by bugs as her momma. Since we home school, WTB is a frequently visited site where we can look for insects we see in our yard, find other people who have seen them as well, and help her learn her states by finding on a map where the last person saw the same bug 🙂


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