Sap sipping cicada killer?
Location: Evergreen Park, IL
August 11, 2011 6:10 pm
I had two ciacada killers flying around and sipping sap from (woodpecker) holes in the lilac bush. The sap must be very sweet as there were also flies, butterflies, bald face hornets, and another type of wasp (not a single yellow jacket though). For the insect world, they all got along pretty well despite all jockeying for any woodpecker hole that had sap.
Signature: Ozzy

Cicada Killer Sipping Lilac Sap

Hi Ozzy,
WE are positively enthralled with your photo.  We get numerous images of dead Cicada Killers, Cicada Killers digging, and Cicada Killers preying upon Cicadas to feed their broods.  We have even received photos of mating Cicada Killers, but we almost never receive photos of Cicada Killers eating.  Typically, Cicada Killers will feed upon nectar, but your photo demonstrates another possibility, but since sap is high in sugar, this makes perfect sense.  Thanks so much for supplying us with this marvelous image.

Location: Illinois

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