Giant Hornet?
Location: Savannah, GA and Space Coast, FL
October 9, 2011 9:57 pm
I was camping with my family near Savannah, GA when this giant thing flew into where we set up camp. It began digging a good ways into the ground.
Then after we returned home to FL (east coast), I saw another one flying around as we were walking around a nature trail.
I would really appreciate it if you could tell me what kind of insect it is.
Thank You,
Signature: Amy D.

Cicada Killer

Dear Amy,
This is a Cicada Killer, and it is one of our most common summer identification requests, but we have never gotten a report of a sighting in October.  Though your inquiry did not specify a time for the sighting, we are guessing that this is not a recent observation.  Please clarify when the sighting occurred.  Female Cicada Killers dig a subterranean nest that they provision with paralyzed Cicadas to feed the developing brood. 

The one pictured was in mid September of this year (Savannah, GA).  The second sighting closer to home, the space coast of FL, was just this past week.
We have young children, and were a little worried about how aggressive they might be, and the severity of their sting.  Thank you for your help in identifying it so fast!

Hi Again Amy,
Though we imagine that Cicada Killers might sting, we have never received a verified report of a person being stung.  Non-stinging males will defend territory, but they are perfectly harmless.  It seems females would rather sting Cicadas.

Location: Georgia

2 Responses to Cicada Killer in Georgia, in October!!!!! (nope, September)

  1. james dreby says:

    just saw one in my yard draging a large bug made good time accross yard aug 1 2014 brandon fla wanted to look up to make sure it wasent dangerous

    • bugman says:

      Though Cicada Killers do not attempt to sting people, we would urge people not to try to handle a Cicada Killer as that might result in a sting.

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