Cicada killer with it’s prey
Location: 20 miles north of Dallas, Texas
July 8, 2011 9:41 am
This cicada killer has been busy! The cicadas are in full swing in north Texas and there are plenty to go around, as this guy is showing. He’s working on getting him down the hole…
Signature: Living in an episode of Wild Kingdom

Cicada Killer and Prey

Dear LiaeoWK,
Thanks so much for sending us a positive letter regarding the Cicada Killer.  We just posted another from a person with concerns because of young children.  For the record, he is a she in your photo.  Only the female Cicada Killer can sting, and the Cicada must by stung and paralyzed so that it provides fresh meat for the larval Cicada Killer.  Adult Cicada Killers, like so many other wasps, feed on nectar.


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Location: Texas

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