Cicada from Turkey

Subject: A really big bug!
Location: Alanya, Turkey
August 2, 2013 11:42 am
Hey, bugman!
We’re on a vacation in Turkey, Alanya and these enormous bugs (about 5-7cm, plus the wings) are everywhere! We hear them make these sound, which sounds like crickets. And they are really loud. They are on trees and bushes and seems like they use the bottom of their body (maybe legs, too) to make the sound.
I’m really curious to know what are these enourmously big bugs that make such noise all day long. Hope you can help me.
All the best,
Signature: Kertu

Cicada from Turkey
Cicada from Turkey

Dear Kertu,
This is a Cicada, and one species of Australian Cicada is considered to be the loudest insect in the world.  Cicadas are found in many parts of the world and we are not certain which species you have submitted.  We recently began reading Samuel Butler’s translation of Homer’s Iliad, and we are amused by this quote from Book 3, verse 152:  “These were too old to fight, but they were fluent orators, and sat on the tower like cicadas that chirrup delicately from the boughs of some high tree in a wood.”
  Here is another translation of this passage online.  We don’t personally consider the song of the Cicada to be delicate.  It sounds more like a buzz saw, but it is such an iconic summer sound.  Considering your location in Turkey, this might be the very Cicada that Homer wrote about.

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