Cicada from Brazil

Location:  Brazil
January 26, 2011
Thanks for posting my update, but i forgot to tell that the green cicada i attached to the e-mail (the upper pic) is not a Taphura sp, but a Carineta fasciculata. Taphura sp is just the picture below (with the scale).
Thanks again and sorry for that mistake


Thanks for the correction Franco.

Hi Bugman! I swear this is the last e-mail i’ll send to you (i know you can’t stand me anymore… lol)!! I just passed to tell you that i finally translated my blog to english, so you and all the people who like cicadas willl be able to read it.
I discovered a new species this month, as soon as i can i’ll post more photos of it on the blog.
Please check it out! The address is still the same
Thank you very much for your patience!!
Best wishes.

It looks great Franco, but you should also translate the title and opening paragraph.

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