Cicada Exuviae

Subject: What is this bug?
Location: Kentucky
October 16, 2013 1:54 pm
I keep seeing these bugs on my tree out front of my house. I am curious to see what it is but cannot find it online. It’s gross and large. I’m not from the country – where I now reside. What is this bug?! (:
Signature: Super curious, slightly afraid lol.

Cicada Exuviae
Cicada Exuviae

Dear Super curious,
We love your photo of the Exuviae or shed exoskeletons of Cicadas.  The Exuviae were left behind when the larval Cicadas, which spent several years living underground, dug their way to the surface, climbed a vertical feature like a tree or a wall, and molted for the final time.  The adult winged Cicada emerges and the adult males fill the air with a most unmelodious yet nostalgic sound.  We suspect your Exuviae belong to the Dogday Harvestfly or a near relative in the genus

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