Subject: what in the world?
Location: Dartmouth, Massachusetts
August 5, 2014 5:41 am
Dear Bugman,
Hello, I was at work in Dartmouth, Ma. It was in late summer and found these dangling from under the leaves. They were shells. It looked like some type of bug that shed it’s skin. It was large almost 2 inches. I was stumped when I saw the claw like arms. I posted it on Face Book and no one knew what it was. Any ideas. In all my days I’ve never seen anything like it. Beetle family?
Signature: Thanks, Kristin

Cicada Exuvia

Cicada Exuvia

Dear Kristin,
This is the shed exoskeleton or Exuvia of a Cicada.  The Cicada nymph has been living underground for several years, and upon reaching maturity, it dug to the surface, molted for the final time, and emerged as a winged Cicada.  Perhaps you are familiar with the buzzing sound Cicadas produce from the tree tops in the summer.

Location: Darthmouth, Massachusetts

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