Cicada Exuvia

Subject: what kind of bug is this
Location: ann arbor michigan
July 30, 2015 3:07 pm
hi we found two of these bugs walking up the sides of our trash cans today, never seen something like them. took 3 diff photos of the same bug trying to get as clear as possible. let us know what they are 🙂
Signature: bug guys

Cicada Exuvia
Cicada Exuvia

Dear bug guys,
This is a Cicada Exuvia, the cast off exoskeleton that remains after metamorphosis.  The Cicada Nymph has been living underground, feeding on the roots of trees, shrubs and plants.  When it approaches maturity, it digs to the surface, climbs an available vertical structure and molts for the last time, emerging as a winged adult Cicada.

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