Cicada Exoskeleton

Bug that looks like a huge bee.
September 11, 2009
I’ve seem these creatures in Zadar, Croatia. The bug is yellow and transparent and looks like a bee on steroids. It’s disgusting.
I’ve never seen them move. They stick to a tent or tree and just stay there. Ugly creatures. Oh yeah, and they’re crunchy 🙁
Zadar, Croatia

Cicada Exuviae
Cicada Exuvia

Dear 2djman,
This is the cast off exoskeleton or exuvia of a Cicada.  We get numerous requests for the identification of Cicada Exoskeletons, but your backlit photograph is quite possibly the most beautiful image we have seen.  The immature Cicada lives underground, and when it approaches maturity, it digs to the surface, climbs up a tree trunk or other vertical feature, and splits its skin.  We also have numerous images on our website of the metamorphosis of a Cicada.  The winged adult then flies off, leaving the empty Exuvia behind.

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