Nature’s Ornament: Chrysalis from Mexico belongs to a Sister

Subject: Chrysalis
Location: Veracruz, Mexico, 4,500 ft a.s.l.
November 8, 2015 10:11 pm
Spotted this beauty yesterday morning.
Any idea what it is?
Signature: Bianca Delfosse

Brush Footed Butterfly Chrysalis: Adelpha species????
Butterfly Chrysalis: Adelpha species

Dear Bianca,
We wish you had sent a higher resolution image.  We were relatively certain that this is the Chrysalis of a butterfly in the family Nymphalidae, so we began a web search with that information.  We found a very similar looking chrysalis identified on FlickR as that of a Common Sergeant,
Athyma perius, but alas, it is from China.  Thinking your individual might be a New World relative, we searched its taxonomy and learned that it is in the tribe Limenitidini which included Admirals, Sisters and Sailors.  We then located a very similar looking chrysalis belonging to the Arizona Sister on Butterflies of America, and then we hit a block with additional similar looking images.  Meanwhile we have contacted Keith Wolfe to see if he can provide any information.  We would still like a higher resolution image.

Hi Daniel,
Sorry about the small file size. Hope these are better (1.1 Mb). Tomorrow I’ll try to get a shot of the back of the chrysalis.
Wow! That’s great progress. I hope the two 1.1 Mb images I sent got through. I’ll try to get one of its back tomorrow.

Chrysalis of a Sister Butterfly
Chrysalis of a Sister Butterfly

Keith Wolfe Confirms ID
Hola Bianca and Daniel,
Good job, Bugman!  Indeed a member of the Limenitidini, more specifically Adelpha sp. (A. serpa-group).  With a handful of possibilities for Veracruz, here is one example from further south . . .

…and here’s the best shot I could get of the back of the chrysalis. Let me know if you need a different angle.

Sister Chrysalis
Sister Chrysalis

Hi again Bianca,
Thanks for going through all the trouble to get us a view of the other side.  We would love an image of the adult butterfly if you are lucky enough to get a few.

No problem Daniel! I will do my best. I’m curious to see what emerges. ?

Update:  November 30, 2015
Hi Daniel,
I’m sorry to say, I missed it. It was either preyed upon or destroyed by the storm we had a week ago. I skipped two days checking on it because of the storm (high winds, about 8″ of rain, low temps: 40-50F) and when I checked again, the chrysalis was broken in the middle, there was nothing inside  and what was left of it looked a bit rotten. So disappointing!! 🙁
Hope I spot another one so we can see who’s in there!!
Many thanks for all your help.

We are sorry to hear that Bianca.  Keep us posted if there are any future sightings.

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