Chris Kraus in the Los Angeles River

Practicing Photography Skills
I keep thinking about Professor Amy Oliver lecturing on the importance of treating digital photography like film.  I hate that the camera takes so much time to record an image.  The replay feature stopped working and I can’t remember how to get it to go back on.  This is the last photo I took of Chris today.  I knew I had it in the can with this final shot.  There is only one image of this pose.  I think I took a great photograph and that Chris can use this photo to promote her newest book and tour.

Chris Kraus in the Los Angeles River

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  1. hi! i’ve been seeing this gorgeous, carmine red insect. it comes in various sizes, from just slightly larger than a pinhead to max length of about 3mm. under a magnifying glass, you can see that even the tiniest ones (instars?) have some black markings on their backs. the larger ones are longer, almost ant like, but when you look at them under magnification you can see that they are beetles. also bright red, with black markings on the back. does that ring a bell for you? they are not red velvet mites. all the different sizes/phases hang out together, so maybe they’re colonial. maybe checkered beetles?


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