Longhorn Beetle, NOT Checkered Beetle!!!

Subject: Possible Velvet Ant?
Location: Northeast Los Angeles
March 20, 2013 2:17 pm
Hello again! One more for you, that I’ve been holding on to for a while. This little guy was also found on Mt. Washington in Los Angeles, I believe last spring. Its appearance says ”velvet ant” to me, but I can’t find a similar image online. Classic velvet ants seem to be much more colorful, with more red or orange.
Signature: Jonathan V

Checkered Beetle, we believe
Ipochus fasciatus, a Longhorn Beetle

Hi Again Jonathan,
We are nearly certain this is a Checkered Beetle in the family Cleridae, but our initial search on BugGuide did not produce any matches.  If it is not a Checkered Beetle, our second choice is a Darkling Beetle.  We will contact Eric Eaton for some assistance.

Checkered Beetle we believe
Longhorn Beetle is Ipochus fasciatus

Eric Eaton provides a correction:  Ipochus fasciatus
We were both wrong!  You thought it was a clerid or a tenebrionid.  I thought for certain it was a spider beetle (Anobiidae:  Ptininae or Ptinidae).  Turns out it is a longhorn!  Here:
Crazy.  I knew it looked familiar, but it took looking in an old, dusty copy of Essig’s Insects and Mites of Western North America to find a figure that matched.
Would love to share these images on Bugguide and maybe in a blog post.  Thanks.

Checkered Beetle, most likely
Longhorn Beetle is Ipochus fasciatus

That’s fantastic, Daniel, thanks! Boy, I wasn’t seeing a beetle at all, but now that I look at some other pictures and look at the legs, etc., it’s much more beetle-like. No wonder I couldn’t find anything like it under the Velvet Ants. Back to Entomology 101, I guess (and that was a long time ago!).
Please pass along my permission to use the images, if Eric would like. Happy to help.



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  1. This is some kind of Cerambycidae (unique antenna) from subfamily lamiinae (flat face). I haven’t seen so hairy longhorn beetle yet. Hope you’ll identify it soon.


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