black beetle with long yellow spots
Location: Colorado Mountains Eastern Slope 8500 feet
July 11, 2011 3:28 pm
This beetle is on a wild potentilla (cinquefoil) plant in our forest on the eastern slope of the Colorado Rockies at 8500 feet. I thought it looked similar to a cucumber beetle, but I don’t believe that’s what it is. Can you help me with an identification?
Signature: Eric Christensen

Checkered Beetle

Hi Eric,
We wish your photo depicted the antennae.  We are nearly certain that this is a Checkered Beetle in the family Cleridae, and it might be the highly variable Ornate Checkered Beetle,
Trichodes ornatus.  This individual on BugGuide has very subtle spotting like your individual and this example from BugGuide even more so.

Location: Colorado

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