Charlie Brown Blister Beetles

Subject: Orange and back beetle
Location: Apple Valley California, USA
September 9, 2013 12:01 pm
I was bombarded with these guys in a single night in Apple Valley CA. I have never seen one before then all of a sudden there were about 30 on my house. Everyone thinks they are a longhorn species but I cannot find anything that looks exactly like this. Can you please let me know the species, thank you.
Signature: beetle identification

Charlie Brown Blister Beetle
Charlie Brown Blister Beetle

One of the first times we posted a photo of your beetle, Pyrota palpalis, which is commonly called the Charlie Brown Blister Beetle, we were not sure if the species was correct because BugGuide had no sightings in California.  That has since changed with this submission to BugGuide.  Like other Blister Beetles, you should avoid handling the Charlie Brown Blister Beetle as Blister Beetles might exude a compound cantharadin, that can cause the skin to blister.  The Texas Beetle Information page also pictures the Charlie Brown Blister Beetle, but gives no specifics on its life cycle.

Charlie Brown Blister Beetle
Charlie Brown Blister Beetle

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  1. So good to know! This is the first site I found that had any pertinent information! I found one of these guys in my room. (Garage) However i did not touch it. I dont like bugs. thank you!


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