Cerisy's Sphinxes Mating

large mating moths
I found these two moths on the casing of my basement door. I thought they were leafs at first, once I realized they were moths I sure was shocked. They were on the jamb for at least 12 hours and left behind a good 50 eggs. Should I let them be or destroy them? Thanks for having such an informative web site,
Toby Rapp
Portland, Oregon

Hi Toby,
Thanks for the compliment. Your mating moths are Cerisy’s Sphinxes, Smerinthus cerisyi. They range from coast to coast in the northern US and Canada as well as south into the Rocky Mountains and Sierra Mountains. The caterpillar eats willow foilage and you might have a nearby tree. I’m sure your tree can sacrifice a few leaves for this beautiful moth.

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