Red Mystery Beetle (Japan)
I live in western Japan and recently found a red beetle on my car. I have asked several people around here and nobody knows what it is called. I have also been through your archives and could not find a match. I have attached a photo of the beetle in question. Could you please help me with an identification?
Thank you,
Justin Yoshida

Hi Justin,
We believe this beauty is one of the Cerambycid Longhorns, though we are not positive, and we have no idea of the species. The list of specimens that could use Eric Eaton’s assistance is growing and we are not sure when he will return from collecting in West Virginia. How large was this beetle?

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. The beetle was approximately one inch in length. I will continue to try and find additional information here in Japan, and will update you if anything comes to light, Thanks again,

Update: (06/18/2006)
Mystery solved! (I’m pretty sure , anyway) The longhorn beetle I contacted you about yesterday is commonly known in Japan as a “benikamikiri.” Latin name: Purpuricenus (Sternoplistes) temminckii. Sources:
Thanks for your help!

Hi again Justin,
Nice job of research. It looks like you have a positive identification.

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