Cerambycid Beetle

longhorn beetle?
I found this little guy in the backyard at my parents place in Maple Bay – SE Vancouver Island BC. Any idea what he is? I searched around for images of longhorn beetles but didn’t find any that looked like this one. Maybe I’m wrong thinking this is a longhorn.
Ian Mackenzie,
Victoria BC.

Hi Ian,
Yes, a Cerambycid, but we are unsure of the species. We will post it and see if anyone can identify it and hope Eric Eaton will assist us when he returns. How large was this specimen?

It was ~2.5 cm (+- .5 cm) in length, not including the antenna. It was on the trunk of a bigleaf maple; in April. Thanks for looking into this for me. I have several other images of unidentified insect specimens to send your way but perhaps will try to stagger when i send them so as not to flood you with too many requests. All the best,

Update from Eric Eaton (06/22/2006)
“The longhorned beetle directly beneath it is, once again, Synaphaeta guexi.”

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