BigPede with Pinchers??
Hello BugMan….
What is this?? He/she/it fell on a woman during a training class. We were a little surprised someone had finally screamed out loud but we soon found out it was not because of the material being presented. I was able to identify the Velvet Ant and Cicada Killer because of your site and am grateful for all the wonderful pictures! I am currently about and hour and a half outside of Oklahoma City and have been quite fascinated with the "larger than life" insects around here. I am from Oregon and we don’t see insect of this magnitude very often! Thank you in advance!
Ps This bug was not killed, it was however, chilled to be transported for a collection… I do not what the future holds for this Pede.

Hi S,
We have heard that these centipedes in the genus Scolopendra from Oklahoma can grow to 8 inches long. They have venom and will bite.

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