Centipede contained with shaving cream!!!

Subject: Dear Bug Expert
Location: South East Texas
September 24, 2015 8:35 am
Bugman I don’t know what kind of centipede this is. Or if it even is one! Sorry about the shaving cream my little sister found this in her room and sent me a picture. I was laughing because she said she didn’t want to harm it. (She’s 16)
Signature: -Scared Sister

Centipede contained with shaving cream
Centipede contained with shaving cream

Dear Scared Sister,
While we are unable to provide you with any more specific information about this Centipede, we are very amused with your sister’s creative use of shaving cream to contain the critter.  We can’t help but to wonder what ever happened to the many legged predator.

Surprisingly the critter drowned it self trying to get out. I had no idea this would work. After that my dad just burned it. I really wanted to know what kind of centipede it was because I’ve only seen about three kinds never that kind. But it’s okay, how harmful are centipedes?

Some Centipedes can deliver a painful bite.

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