Location: southwestern Ohio
June 24, 2011 2:48 pm
I am trying to identify this centipede species. It was found in the woods under a rock near a creek.The area it was found in was southwestern Ohio.The centipede was small and yellow in color. It had similarities to a Garden Centipede but was different. The tail end section was much fatter than that of the Garden Centipede. I’m sure it is common but I do not know the species.
Signature: Caveman Etris


Dear Caveman Etris,
The terminal appendages on your Centipede are very distinctive.  We believe your individual may be
Theatops posticus or a related species in the genus, based on this and other photos posted to BugGuide.  The range of the species is not indicated on BugGuide, however the data page on bugGuide indicates a northerly sighting from North Carolina.

Location: Ohio

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