Subject: rainbow colored centipede?
Location: vancouver, Wa
March 6, 2016 6:05 am
I have a friend who was out on a walk on February 10 and spotted this guy. This was in North Vancouver, WA known as salmon creek. You have permission to use the photo and my writing for this for your website.
Signature: Jason


Dear Jason,
Though it is quite colorful, we do not believe this is normal for this Centipede.  We believe it is a Stone Centipede in the order Lithobiomorpha.  We will continue to research this unusual coloration.

Very odd indeed, I am a senior completing a bachelor degree in biology and minor in chemistry and tried doing research on it before emailing you guys.  Almost nothing that bright colored naturally exists in this area so it particularly peaked my interest.

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  1. Hello. Lithobius sps that is dead and rotting in water. It’s common for dead, rotting centipedes to turn green in places or all over, or lose color in places depending on the amount of time gone by.

  2. I was in turkey and had one dart at me while snorkelling and swam away as fast as possible for fear it was venomous and it looked exactly like the photo, may not sound believable but I needed to know whether anyone else had seen it and am glad to find this


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