Subject: What is this bug?
Location: Northern Maine woods
January 13, 2017 8:59 am
Hi , these bugs have just started randomly showing up in our newly built hunting/fishing home . It was stick built with knotty pine on the inside and spray foam insulation., and pine siding. We started building in may of 2015 and still have a painted plywood floor but other then that it is quite finished. It is located in Northearn Maine and we have not seen these bugs until this past November. Any help in identifying it would be extremely appreciated. Thank you
Signature: Pete

Cedar Tree Borer, we believe

Dear Pete,
Was any Cedar used in the construction of your new home?  This looks to us, based upon this BugGuide image, to be a Cedar Tree Borer,
Semanotus ligneus.  According to BugGuide: “hosts: Thuja, Cupressus, Juniperus.”  The appearance beginning in Novemnber may coincide with indoor heating being turned up higher.  If the beetle larvae or pupae were in milled lumber, they may have emerged with the increased heat.  They may also have been introduced in firewood.  If they were dormant in wood used in the construction of your home, you may continue to see them in subsequent years, but the good news is that they will not continue to breed in your home.

Well that does explain things. We did put up som cedar boards on a few interior walls.   So happy to hear that they won’t reproduce. Thank you for your reply.

Location: Maine

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