Cedar Tree Borer

Subject:  Bug in my house in winter
Geographic location of the bug:  Norton Shores, Michigan
Date: 02/11/2018
Time: 09:27 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  I found this bug crawling on the floor in winter.  February 2018.
This is the second one in about a month.  It is 1/2 to 5/8 inch long.  The
antennas were quite long.  It looks like some kind of a beetle.  I’ve looked,
but can’t see a pictures of it.  Should I be concerned?   Thank you
How you want your letter signed:  no

Cedar Tree Borer

Based on this BugGuide image, we are confident that this is a Cedar Tree Borer, and if you brought firewood into the house recently and the wood was arborvitae, cypress, juniper or cedar, the adult Cedar Tree Borers may be emerging from the firewood in the warm interior of your home.  It is also possible they are emerging from some piece of furniture or wooden object that was made from the host plants.  They will not infest milled lumber.

Thanks for helping to ID the Cedar Tree Borer.  That’s it alright.  Here is another photo
for you to look at.  Last November I brought home some rough cut Eastern Red Cedar
to let dry inside the house.  I just examined all the boards.  I found one that had bore
holes in it.  I assume that’s where it came from.  It’s good to hear they won’t reproduce in the house.  I’ll have to examine my boards a little better next time.

Thank you,  Wayne

Infested Cedar plank

Dear Wayne,
While you don’t have to worry about the already milled lumber becoming infested, you should be aware that when immature wood boring insects are living in wood that gets milled, the maturing process is frequently delayed.  There are incidents of some beetles emerging from wood that has been milled as long as fifty years earlier, so you may experience some Cedar Borers in the years to come.

Thanks for all the information.  After hearing that they can emerge many years later that makes me think again.  I love Eastern Red Cedar and have made quite a few things out of it.  Maybe I better check all the things I have in the house made out of cedar.  I don’t remember using any cedar in the past with bore holes.  I’ll keep an eye out.    This reminds of something that happened back in 1975.  I came back from Columbia South America with some small walnut carved figures.   After
being back home for awhile, I noticed a pile of fine sawdust at the base of one.  There was a very small bore hole above it.  I assumed some kind of bug did it and we just got rid of the whole thing.  It’s amazing what we bring back home and never know it.
Thanks again,  Wayne

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