Cedar Beetle Mating Frenzy

Subject:  Mating Cedar Beetles
Geographic Location of the Bug:  Littlefield Texas
October 14, 2017
Hi Daniel,
Here are the images I took of the Cedar Beetles. The last few are sort of hard to see but it is of the males surrounding the female. They were quite a way up the tree by that time. I’ll also send you a video or two but I need to watch them again to see which ones are easiest to see. I’ll send those soon..

Mating Cedar Beetles

Subject (please be succinct, descriptive and specific):  Cedar Beetle
October 12, 2017
Through your site I discovered that I had found a Cedar Beetle. My husband and I are in Littlefield Texas for a few months for a job and this is where I found it. A few days later I went for a walk and saw a large amount of them flying around a tree in our backyard. It was very strange as there seemed to be only one female and the rest were males all trying to mate with her. I have several pictures and videos of them. If you are interested in seeing them I would be happy to send them to you. Also, the following day I was digging to plant a bush and dug up a female. She seemed fully formed but not quite ready for the outside world yet. I wasn’t sure if I should bury her or not so I put her under the bush I planted. A short time later, I saw two males buzzing around looking for her. Thanks for your time reading this and the work you put into this site!
Your Name:  Jacqueline Hook

Cedar Beetle Mating Frenzy

Dear Jackie,
Thanks so much for sending in your awesome images.  We have taken your original comment and created a new posting using your images of a Cedar Beetle Mating Frenzy.  Male Cedar Beetles have flabellate or fanlike antennae that help them locate a female once she releases her pheromones.

Female Cedar Beetle and 4 suitors

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