Cecrops Eyed Silkmoth Caterpillar

Another Cecrops Eyed Silkmoth?
Hi! I teach at a small private school in NE Arizona. One of our students found this beautiful caterpillar yesterday on a field trip close by. The spines are irritating (I found that out the hard way – fortunately the pain subsided after about 30 minutes). It is about 4 inches in length. Checking out your site, i looks like it might be a Cecrops Eyed Silkmoth. (I don’t know if it was found on the oak twig or not, which was being held by a student while I took the picture.) Anyway, thanks for your site. It is great!
Trent Logan

Hi Trent,
Your identification of the Cecrops Eyed Silkmoth Caterpillar, Automeris cecrops, is correct. This species is found in higher altitutes of Arizona and New Mexico, and south into Mexico. It does feed on oak as well as ceonothus, mimosa and mountain mahogony.

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