Cecropia Moth lays eggs on Bicycle Tire!!!

Butterfly or Moth
Location: Pensacola, FL
April 4, 2011 11:40 am
My fiance and I were getting ready to go on a bike ride last weekend and we came across this. Can you tell me if this is a butterfy or a moth? It appears to be laying eggs on my fiance’s bicycle tire.
Signature: E

Cecropia Moth laying eggs

Dear E,
This beauty is the largest Silkmoth in North America, the Cecropia Moth.  We would love to know that the Eggs survived, and we hope your fiance does not need to ride before the eggs hatch.  We expect that hatching should occur within a week.  According to BugGuide:
“Larvae feed on leaves of various trees and shrubs including alder, apple, ash, beech, birch, box-elder, cherry, dogwood, elm, gooseberry, maple, plum, poplar, white oak, willow. may also feed on lilac and tamarack” which means you shouldn’t have too much difficulty relocating the tiny caterpillars to a food source once they hatch.

Thank you!! We cancelled our bike ride for the sake of the moth and the eggs. We haven’t been out bike riding since. I’ll have to check and see if the eggs are still there. I appreciate you writing back.
Erin R. Hall

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