Cecropia Moth eggs and caterpillar

cecropia moth ffom 1 inch caterpillar to eggs
Location:  southwest ohio
August 11, 2010 5:03 pm
cecropia moth from 1 inch caterpillar to laying eggs. i found this early one morning after i almost stepped on it on the sidewalk, i brought it home and fed it daily from my apple tree in the front yard. it even molted its skin and then turned around and ate it! got up to check on it one morning and it had gone into its cacoon overnight. when it came out it was beautiful, i put it on my apple tree and she layed eggs. i believe she came outa little too early, beginnning of june so i dont think anything happened with the eggs. i never saw anymore caterpillars around the trees, (SAD)

Cecropia Caterpillar eats molted skin

ceropia moth caterpillar to eggs part 2
Location:  southwest ohio
August 11, 2010 5:40 pm
this is the cacoon, her length and the eggs
its herd to see the cacoon because she used a leaf over top, but its the sliky brown strands
also she never opened her wings fully in front of the camera, but it was 5 inches give or take a few millimeters

Cecropia Moth Eggs

Hi again BIBEF,
The time stamps on your photographs do not agree with your narrative account.  We are especially interested in your written account of the observations of the Cecropia Caterpillar consuming its cast off skin.  We are posting a few of your images.

i can NOT  get my camera to keep the right time and date on it. i repeatedly cchanged more than once in one day!  i dont take it off though because its not usually more than a few weeks or so off and it still gives me a general idea of dates, which i like for my neices, knowing a general timeline for them is a bit more important because theyll be around longer than my buggy friends!

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