Cecropia Moth ecloses in dead of winter!!!

Subject: what is this bug
Location: Port Huron MI
February 3, 2014 7:19 pm
Please help me identify this bug that came out of it’s cocoon today in Michigan, 2/3/14
Signature: Jennifer Beltramo

Cecropia Moth Eclosion
Cecropia Moth Eclosion

Dear Jennifer,
This is a Cecropia Moth.  Since it has just emerged or eclosed, the wings have not yet expanded to the full size.  You did not provide much information, so we are speculating that you found the cocoon in the fall and kept it to see what would emerge.  While we applaud your enthusiasm about the natural world, cocoons should not be kept indoors overwinter as the moths will most likely emerge too early to be released, and they will die without mating.  The Cecropia Moth is one of the Giant Silkmoths, and they only live a few days.  They do not eat as adults.

Thank you for the reply.  I actually took that picture from a friends facebook post.  They were quite shocked to see something living emerge from the cocoon and they actually just picked the cocoon up over the weekend covered in snow.  I can assure you, she won’t allow her children to do that ever again…scared the daylights out of her 🙂  She let her 5 year old take it in for show and tell they day I sent you the picture and when they came home from school, she just had it sitting on her kitchen counter, came back into the kitchen to see something wiggling its way out.
Thanks again for the quick reply!  We were just curious what it was.

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