Cecropia Moth Cocoon

Mystery Egg Sac(?) in Minnesota
Hello Bugman,
I live in Minneapolis, MN. A couple weeks ago I noticed an egg sac (I think that is what it is) on a shrub branch (I think its an ornamental Ribes/currant shrub) in our front yard landscaping (see attached photo). I looked through your website and it looks as if it may be a praying mantis egg sac? I’d be curious what you think…thanks for any light you can shed on our front yard mystery critters. If it is a good critter, we want to watch it hatch. If it is a bad (e.g., invasive) critter, we may want to destroy or at least contain the hatchlings. Also, do you reply to e-mails, or do we need to visit WTB website (and look where for your response). Thanks!
Doug, Griffin & Eva

Hi Doug, Griffin and Eva,
We believe this is the Cocoon of a Cecropia Moth, but it is also possibly the cocoon of the closely related Columbia Silk Moth. Since we are only able to post a fraction of the letters we receive, we often send short responses first. We don’t even have the time to answer personally every letter we receive, but we try to answer as many as possible. Some questions are so vague, or images so blurry, that we just ignore them. When we post an answer, there is generally a more detailed response, and we email that to the querant, but sometimes we forget. In your case, you got a short answer originally, and now that we are posting letters from May 3, yours included, you are getting a second more detailed answer.

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