Cecropia Moth

Please identify this HUGE butterfly
April 12, 2010
Bugman, thanks for taking the time to read this and seeing if you can ID this HUGE butterfly (or moth) in my backyard. It is orange white, and truly beautiful. I’ve never seen such a big body before. So large, it could not fly away
Dr. Pournaras
Horry County, South Carolina, USA

Cecropia Moth

Dear Dr. Pournaras,
This lovely creature is a Cecropia Moth, a species found in the eastern portion of North America.

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  1. You should never pick up moths or butterflies by their wings. In fact, don’t touch the wings at all. The wings are not only sensitive but are covered in a powder they need to be able to fly. It’s likely it did not fly because you made it unable to. Next time just handle it by holding it on your hand, with the feet touching you. Just don’t touch the wings.


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