Cecropia Moth

Promethia or Tulip tree?
Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 6:50 PM
Hello Wonderful Bug People.
Working at a horse farm in Uxbridge Ontario, many mornings provide Moths and Bugs that need ID. I love your site and we now have a group waiting for me to go home and identify, the beautiful and strange things we see. I have my trusty camera at the ready so I can compare with your photos. Thanks for help identifying a Giant Toe Biter, and Luna Moth.
We had this visitor last week. I was hoping it was a Promethia or a Tulip Tree, but thinking it is probably Cecropia?
Thanks for the great site, and helping us appreciate (no longer so icky) bugs.
I’ll send our Luna as well. It was huge.
I hope your camping trip was only buggy in a good way.
Leslie Tunnicliff / Archer’s Grove Farm
Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

Cecropia Moth
Cecropia Moth

Dear Leslie,
Your letter arrived while we were still in Northern California at a wedding, and we are trying desperately to post as many submissions as possible.  Mail really piled up in our absence and it continues to arrive in droves daily.  We are going through older submissions in search of a subject line we remembered because of an unusual posting of a Purplescent Longhorn we just posted, and we thought, perhaps, that the other letter might also contain an image of a Purplescent Longhorn.  Needless to say, we stumbled upon some intriguing subject lines we missed previously, including yours.  We were so touched by your kind letter we decided that we needed to take the time to post your letter and photo of a Cecropia Moth.  The Luna Moth photo is also quite nice.

Luna Moth
Luna Moth

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