Ceanothus Silkmoth sighted at Camp Pendleton

Subject: large moth
Location: Southern California-San Diego-Camp Pendleton
February 1, 2013 8:27 pm
i saw this today at work just wanted to know what it was.
thank you
Signature: adam

Ceanothus Silkmoth

Dear Adam,
This is a Ceanothus Silkmoth and you can tell by his especially plumose antennae that he is a male.  Ceanothus Silkmoths don’t feed as adults.  They live long enough to mate and procreate.  Since a male and female may eclose or emerge from their cocoons many miles apart, the female releases pheromones and the male senses her with his antennae.  Once they mate, she lays eggs on California Lilac or Ceanothus and the caterpillars feed on the leaves.
Are you a Marine?  Will you be going oversees?  Are you taking a camera and internet connectivity?  Please take photos of exotic bugs and email them to our site.  Good luck.

Ceanothus Silkmoth


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  1. I saw a similar bug as this today but it had a few differences, wings were much the same but the head and upper body were fuzzy white almost like a fuzzy caterpillar and the underbody really resembled a cricket, never seen anything like it and wished I had a camera when I spotted it. Could the difference mean it was a female? Or perhaps a young version of the male? spotted in my backyard in Indian Wells California


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