Ceanothus Silk Moth

Luna Moth???
could you tell me what this is ? seen one flying around and thought it might be the same kind as my cocoon. Hey I found this cocoon the other week and beleive it is a luna moth after visiting your website. It did have a little whole in the cocoon , so i decided to open it a little and see if the bugger was still alive , Sure he was . moves around once in abit. The reason i am e-mailing you is because one of the moths on your site was found on oHio , which you had mentioned was pretty far north. Well i live in the Northern Panhandle of idaho , about 5 miles from canada and in 24 years of living here , i have never found something like this. How long do they usually take to hatch ? going on two weeks now , but its been very cool outside and even inside. any info wold be greatly appreciated . Thank you

This is a Ceanothus Silk Moth, probably the same as your cocoon.

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